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Benefit from an improved sense of well-being with Dr. Benazir Quraishi. Specialising in a range of therapies including dry and wet cupping, acupressure,
baby massage, unani and more.

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Wellness with Dr. Benazir promotes a healthy life free of disease, with improved longevity, strength and vitality. Using a number of ancient techniques including Unani, acupressure, and massage, combined with modern-day knowledge of medicine, Dr. Benazir will consult with you to work towards a healthy mind, body, and soul. Whether you have ongoing ailments or simply wish to improve your sense of well-being, Dr. Benazir’s recommended line of treatment will have you feeling energised and in good health. Expect an in-depth consultation, followed by a bespoke treatment programme tailored to your medical concerns. You can expect the highest level of professionalism with Wellness by Dr. Benazir Quraishi.

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Dr. Benazir has 23 years of broad clinical experience in India and the UAE. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Unani medicine & surgery from India in 1995, she later did her post-graduate diploma in Hospital Administration followed by a diploma in Naturopathy. She worked for a hospital in Mumbai for five years before moving to the UAE in 2000. She has been practicing in Dubai since then, holding a DHA license as a Unani Medicine & Cupping Practitioner and has been with Wafi Health Club & Spa since 2009.

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About Dr. Benazir

An ancient and holistic therapy, cupping works to create a vacuum by using suction cups on different points of the body. The suction draws the skin up in the cups, relieving the congestion and blockages and bringing deep-seated toxins towards the surface for elimination. This improves the flow of vital forces and fluids in the body and is regarded as the best way to detox. Specific points are chosen according to the concern of the person whether it be for detoxification or for treatment for a long list of concerns, including migraines, digestive problems, disc problems, general aches and pains, rheumatism, cellulite and much more.



Derived from the Arabic word for Greece “Al Yunan”, Unani medicine is based on the teachings of Hippocrates. This ancient system of medicine was first pioneered in Greece but has since been developed by Arabs to become an advanced medical science, with foundations from ancient times. Using ancient herbal formulas, Unani works to treat various illnesses in a natural way. This long-established healing method has stood the test of time and is now recognised as a traditional and alternative system of medicine by the World Health Organisation.



Acupressure is an ancient art of healing, in which fingertips are used to gradually apply pressure onto key healing points. This ancient therapy is often used to release tension, promote circulation and improve lymphatic drainage, all whilst stimulating the body’s self-defense abilities. Using the hundreds of pressure points all over the body, Dr. Benazir will work to effectively manipulate the “flow of chi” which become congested to cause health problems. Acupressure is proven effective to treat a range of health problems including those relating to anxiety and depression, general pain, lymphatic drainage, organ function, and more.

Acupressure Wellness with Dr. Benazir

Research has shown that regular massages are key for the communication, development, and growth of your baby. Not only is a gentle and loving touch vital for promoting a strong bond between you and your baby, but regular massages have been seen to boost confidence in handling your child. As one of the oldest forms of treatment, baby massage can aid with issues ranging from digestion, weight gain, nighttime comfort, nasal congestion and much more. Working with Dr. Benazir you can understand the key techniques needed to soothe your baby and provide an effective massage.

Baby Massage Wellness with Dr. Benazir

For those with an active lifestyle, extra care should be taken when it comes to maintenance, both before and after a strenuous workout. Pre-workout therapy with Dr.Benazir will assist in boosting feel-good endorphins produced by your workout. Gentle tissue manipulation alongside stretching exercises will improve the vital blood circulation needed before a tiring workout – giving you more energy and greater results from your exercise. Post-workout therapy is just as important for when the hard work is over. Dr.Benazir will work you using a series of muscle-specific techniques to focus on trigger points and assist with muscle recovery. Look forward to decreased muscle inflammation and improved circulation and healing.

Workout Therapies Wellness with Dr. Benazir